Saturday, February 24, 2018

Kudos to Artie

Kudos From Other Educators

For those of you who have not been to one of Artie's workshops, GO! Do not walk - run. I recently had the privilege of attending her clinic in Emporia, Kansas. It was wonderful. She is fresh and creative and loads of fun. Her techniques address kids where they are and work with all learning styles. It was well worth my five-hour drive for the clinic!
Nancy in Kansas

I attended one of your sessions at the Orff Conference in Birmingham and loved the things that you did. I also loved the pace. You move through a lot of material in a short amount of time, yet you did it using the teaching process so that everyone could easily go back to their own classrooms and use it.
Debbie in Louisiana

I just had to drop you a note to say how much I enjoyed your workshop in
Sioux City. I have been having a blast with Mallet Madness and my kids are really excited. I had a fantastic presentation for the principal who was visiting. Thanks for your ideas!
Paula in South Dakota

Today was a wonderful day in Cobb County! We were so honored to have Artie Almeida as a clinician. Recorder Express is a great book and goes WAY beyond other books! Never miss one of her sessions if you are at a conference where Artie is presenting.
Margaret in Georgia

I enjoyed your Mallet Madness clinic! I have taught for 30 years, and although I love my job, I am getting a little tired. You really gave me a shot in the arm. Thanks SO much for your fresh and innovative ideas. Your enthusiasm and zest for teaching has invigorated me.
Greg in Kansas

Many, many thanks for Mallet Madness. I have used it and varied it so often with huge success and have heard likewise from other teachers in Mesa. You were in AZ for that wonderful workshop, and then I saw you again in Birmingham at the AOSA Conference.
Dick in Arizona

You have many fabulous ideas! Thanks for presenting such useable, fun learning activities. I hope that you come back to Texas again soon.
Deanna in Texas

The teachers can't stop raving about your clinic! You were absolutely fabulous and so many teachers said this was the best in-service ever.
Melissa in Georgia

Artie Almeida is an innovative, award-winning music educator from Florida. Once you hear her presentations, your life as a music teacher will never be the same again!
KSU Summer Music Symposium

Thanks for a great class in Sargeant Bluff! I appreciate all of your
wonderful & usable ideas.
Sherry in Iowa

I attended your "Can You Hear Me Now" session, which was WONDERFUL! I've been using the materials from your session SO MUCH, and I've adapted some of the processes for my own classroom situation. Excellent job as a facilitator.
Brian in Florida